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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 The Keystone of Your Business Growth

With four decades of expertise, Bassman Blaine is a trusted leader in sales, sales management, marketing, and e-commerce optimization. We're committed to delivering a diverse range of home decor solutions that meet the high standards of the design community.

For manufacturers, vendors, interiors designers, and retailers alike, Bassman Blaine is the strategic partner that ensures your offerings find their ideal market. We're in the business of creating connections that count, ensuring that every product not only reaches but resonates with the right audience.

Partner with Bassman Blaine and take the leap towards amplified growth and profitability.

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We carefully evaluate any new engagements to make sure they do not compete with or take away from our existing commitments. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and support in all of our engagements.

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Development and Management of Worldwide Salesforce

Development and Implementation of Sales Goals and Strategy

Consistent Sales Reporting

Pricing Matrices

E Commerce Strategy

Order Processing

Commission Processing

Tradeshow Management

Representative Sales Tool Development



Website Development

Social Media Strategy

Print and Public Relations Strategy


High-level Evaluation and Growth Strategy

Special Projects and Initiatives

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In 2009, sourcing product as a favor for a friend (which soon thereafter launched Bassman Blaine Home), Ken happened upon a company called Noir. Since that time, Bassman Blaine has been an integral part of the explosive growth and success of Noir, which today is considered one of the top brands in the industry. Noir’s phenomenal sales team which is over 80 strong is managed exclusively by Bassman Blaine.


In 2017, Bassman Blaine partnered with Jamie Young Company to build and manage the Sales Team as well as spearhead all marketing efforts and initiatives and consult on general operations and product development. Jamie Young continues to break new ground in the industry, and we are excited to be a part of their continued success.

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In 2016, Ken once again met one of the founders and principals of Saatva, a leading online luxury mattress company in the US. Bassman Blaine has teamed up with Saatva and is the exclusive industry partner to bring the Saatva product line to the interior design trade.

In 2022, a serendipitous meeting between Ken Bassman and Lazzoni's principals blossomed into a strategic alliance. Rooted in mutual respect and a shared vision for quality and innovation, this partnership leverages Lazzoni's 125-year legacy in crafting luxurious, functional custom closets and entertainment systems. Lazzoni also manufactures high-quality, contemporary European-style upholstery, and furniture. For the first time, interior designers can realize healthy profits with custom modular systems. Together, Bassman Blaine and Lazzoni are not only redefining home luxury and creating new revenue channels for the design trade, but also setting new benchmarks in craftsmanship, sustainability, and designer profitability.

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In 2022, with over 20 years of friendship, we partnered with John Grootegood and Gabrielle Galardo to relaunch the One For Victory brand. OFV is an on-trend full-line upholstery and leather vendor. With a grace for craftsmanship, OFV infuses comfort and style. Exceptional service and lead-times. 

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