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With over 45 years of experience, Rizzy Home has set itself to be the first vertically integrated rug and textile company, and is one of the largest exporter of handmade rugs from India. They are known for their innovative designs and high-quality production at a fantastic price.


Rizzy Home has won multiple awards for their outstanding design. Their Hybrid Rugs, for example, replicates the exact look and feel of Hand Knotted rugs, at a fraction of the cost. So, you can enjoy the beauty of a handmade rug without breaking the bank.

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Complimentary 18x18 samples to experience their products first hand. They also have 2x3 samples for their popular hybrid rugs, available in both wool and PET synthetic materials, along with tower racks and 2x3 ladders for easy viewing.


Custom Rug Program for custom sizing. You can submit a request and receive a quote along with a CAD render within 24 to 48 hours.


Hybrid Rugs

Almost completely indistinguishable from true handknotted rugs, their awar-winning hybrid rugs copy the look and feel of handknotted rugs but at a fraction of the cost.


They achieve this by creating a wool rug on a power loom in their own facility in India. Then, they hand finish it. That second step is what sets it apart from all other machine made rugs. It's hand carved, hand surged, and paddle washed multiple times to create a rug that is undeniably beautiful, highly durable, and priced incredibly well.

Committed to Environmentally Friendly Advancements

Rizzy Home is the biggest exporter of PET, and even creates recycled rug pads.


This company has introduced the world’s first recycled, hand finished, hand washed, machine made collections. This process is also used for their indoor-outdoor collections. Recycled, hand-tufted rugs are now available in Rizzy Home’s rug line.

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More Than Rugs

Discover Rizzy Home's diverse selection of Pillows, Beddings, and Throws, and find the perfect additions to enhance your decor. With a range of indoor-outdoor collections and sustainable options crafted from recycled materials, their offerings cater to both style and eco-consciousness. 

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