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N. CA: E. Bay, Sac., Napa Valley & Nevada

Chapel grew up in the home furnishings industry, learning from her mother, Sheila Roberts. Sheila was a Manufacturer’s Sales Rep for 40+ years, working as a Bassman Blaine Rep for the latter 10 years of her career. As a child, she would go on customer calls and attend Markets. After receiving her BA from CSUS, Chapel worked with her mother, importing, and selling, French Bistro Furniture, before beginning a career with a furniture manufacturing company, where she wore many hats: managing their e-commerce business, and also working in sales, marketing, merchandising, and product and training development. Her breadth of experience allows her to relate on all levels of this industry, from the vendor to the buyer to the consumer. Chapel lives in the Sacramento region with her husband, and two daughters. She is fairly competitive and enjoys winning at card games and ping pong. She also loves to cook and entertain friends in her home.




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